Commence Operation Bootstrap!

It’s relatively late on in my career that I’ve started to focus on bootstrapping. To which end I now have a rather sprawling mindmap. Here’s a random sample of aims:

  • Gain Prince2 Foundation qualification*
  • Upgrade old desktop PC, just for the sake of it
  • Learn the very basics of Ruby using Hackety Hack (though my install doesn’t seem stable)
  • Database skills: something that will stop me screaming in anger at Excel, Access etc…
  • Turn some of my random story treatments and scribblings into an interactive fiction.

I may spend the rest of my years doing admin and project management, and that’s fine – the above things all plug in to that and anything achieved adds value to that role. But I’m happy to see what happens and I’ll remain positive. The bugger of it is that I’m also a new father (and delighted to be). So I may need to add “bend the laws of time and space” to the list.

*Which I’m loathe to do – it’s an inherently rigid process which assumes too many certainties in the client / provider / user relationship. It runs counter to being iterative, responsive and quick. But it seems to be a career passport in PM, which for my sins is where I find myself going.


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