One for the careers advisors

One hope is that this blog will be of interest to those imparting media and digital careers advice to secondary school pupils, 6th form, college and university students. Again, part of my “to do” list is to sort the search element of this blog out to increase its’ visibility in that area. (I’m not intimidated by SEO, and any research into it I’ve found accessible and actionable, but I have to admit I find it rather dull.)

Broad careers advice services, even on HE campuses, can fall short when it comes to media topics. I recently took part in a careers talk at a uni local to me where the best the careers service advisor in attendance could manage was a call for students to act as restaurant staff in a new reality format for Talkback Productions. There was no awareness of how any graduate seeking tv work is effectively a newborn freelance, and all of the challenges associated with that situation.

At work I’ve put together this epic FAQ around media skills and training. It is – hopefully – a useful repository of links to resources grouped by industry sector and career level. I should get around to mirroring this on delicious to give it some social juice. Something else for the to do list…

If you are a careers advisor, well, hello to you. Please keep in mind that it’s not necessarily a case of pointing students in the direction of some links and assuming they’ll absorb the information therein. Rather it’s a good place for you to jump in, not have your feet touch the bottom and realise that the digital and creative industries have their differences from other fields of business and employment. Not radically different, but different enough to make the usual advice at best inappropriate, at worst damaging for those you guide.


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