There is no Pinewood of the North. Not yet, perhaps never

Word of Vision+Media’s fortunes have spread widely enough for me to feel comfortable to post something not about it, but related:

How-Do ran a story in December on the departure of our CEO, Alice, and my favourite thing about How-Do is of course the comments. Thread ping-pong ensues, and some commenters took the opportunity to criticise the company’s form in securing jobs for the freelance TV and film crew in the region – in particular on the recent Captain America location shoots in Manchester and Liverpool. What I got from it was that some wished guaranteed jobs for regional crew were part of the deal whenever productions made use of locations. Which is about the time I facepalmed.

The production came up fully crewed from Pinewood, and in the big scheme of things it’s actually good that anything of that scale continues to be produced in the UK at all. We don’t have anything on the scale of Pinewood in the region. It’s perfectly reasonable to expect productions to come in to locations already crewed up, and pretty unreasonable to demand guaranteed hires for in-region freelances in that context. It’s not great, but the alternative -being overlooked as a filming location completely – is even worse.


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