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LinkedIn obsession: mapping my contacts

I’ll have a tinker and see if this can be embedded, but via LinkedIn Labs you can map your LinkedIn connections – a great way of seeing if those with small nodes on the edge of your network have other contacts you should be connected to:

LinkedIn Labs | InMaps – Simon Knight’s professional network.


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Set the dials to “miffed”

Warning: a bit of a whine/rant. Buckle up!

I’m note really sure how annoyed I should be: in short, I’d pitched to project manage a careers and entrepreneurship day to be held during an animation and games festival in Stoke-on-Trent. It fitted in quite well with the 4-day week I’m currently on, and was well within my comfort zone knowledge and skills-wise. Moreover, I’m keen to see a high calibre of event take place in my back yard, an area often overlooked by national and regional bodies.

Instead, it transpires that Skillset, the sector skills council for the creative and digital industries, offered to do a careers day for free. After I’d put in my pitch. Bit of a no-brainer there from the Council’s point of view. However it takes 2 weeks to find this out. I ask my contact at the council if they can tell me who they’ve spoken to at Skillset – perhaps I can offer my services. It takes a further 2 weeks of pestering to find out that no, they can’t, because the council employee who spoke to them is on holiday, and didn’t pass on any details.

So I ring Skillset myself and finally track them down: they weren’t interested in any help. They have been asked to do an animation careers day as far as they’re concerned (not what’s required – the rest of the festival covers this in spades) and will be bringing some South East based animation, post and CGI bods up on the train, probably tell everyone in attendance that you need to move to London to train and work there, hop back on the train, job done. They’ll all be excellent examples of what they do in animation, FX, motion graphics, asset creation and so  on, and probably of global standing – but the tone and design of the solution, will be completely off the mark.

On reflection I am very annoyed – mostly at myself, and I’ll just put it down to experience. But the outcome is I’ve had an opportunity disappear due to a far inferior alternative being offered for free (and often free things end up having no value), and it took an unreasonably long time to be updated on this. Maybe the comments thread will chuck up similar, or I  hope, different experiences.


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